Unique apartment in La Quinta

Unique apartment in La Quinta

Urbanizacion La Quinta, S/N, 29660 Marbella, Málaga, Spain

For Sale

335.000 €

  • Mirador 1-17-NFH-01Living-01
  • Mirador 1-17-NFH-01Living-02
  • Mirador 1-17-NFH-01Living-03
  • Mirador 1-17-NFH-01Living-04
  • Mirador 1-17-NFH-01Living-05
  • Mirador 1-17-NFH-01Living-06
  • Mirador 1-17-NFH-01Living-D01
  • Mirador 1-17-NFH-01Living-D02
  • Mirador 1-17-NFH-01Living-D03
  • Mirador 1-17-NFH-01Living-D04
  • Mirador 1-17-NFH-01Living-D05
  • Mirador 1-17-NFH-01Living-D06
  • Mirador 1-17-NFH-02Kitchen-01
  • Mirador 1-17-NFH-02Kitchen-02
  • Mirador 1-17-NFH-02Kitchen-D01
  • Mirador 1-17-NFH-02Kitchen-D02
  • Mirador 1-17-NFH-03Terrace-01
  • Mirador 1-17-NFH-03Terrace-02
  • Mirador 1-17-NFH-03Terrace-03
  • Mirador 1-17-NFH-03Terrace-04
  • Mirador 1-17-NFH-03Terrace-05
  • Mirador 1-17-NFH-03Terrace-06
  • Mirador 1-17-NFH-03Terrace-D01
  • Mirador 1-17-NFH-03Terrace-D02
  • Mirador 1-17-NFH-03Terrace-D03
  • Mirador 1-17-NFH-04Bedroom-01
  • Mirador 1-17-NFH-04Bedroom-02
  • Mirador 1-17-NFH-04Bedroom-D01
  • Mirador 1-17-NFH-05Bathroom-01
  • Mirador 1-17-NFH-05Bathroom-02
  • Mirador 1-17-NFH-06Bedroom-01
  • Mirador 1-17-NFH-06Bedroom-02
  • Mirador 1-17-NFH-06Bedroom-03
  • Mirador 1-17-NFH-07Bathroom-01
  • Mirador 1-17-NFH-07Bathroom-02
  • Mirador 1-17-NFH-08Bedroom-01
  • Mirador 1-17-NFH-08Bedroom-02
  • Mirador 1-17-NFH-08Bedroom-03
  • Mirador 1-17-NFH-09Urb-01
  • Mirador 1-17-NFH-09Urb-02
  • Mirador 1-17-NFH-09Urb-03

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Beautifully refurbished apartment in Mirador, La Quinta.
The apartment has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The
floor plan is practical and modern with an open plan
kitchen connected to the living room. Big windows facing
south/east gives a lot of light in the apartment. Private
terrace with lots of sun, the outdoor kitchen made ideally
for BBQ parties that has direct access to the pool.
Gated community with walking distance to Westin Hotel

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